Achievement Coach and Consultant

Shawn Mitchell is recognized as the longest-serving Chaplain in National Football League history - 29 years; in addition to 2 years prior service in team chaplaincy for Major League Baseball.

He is also the Founding and Senior Pastor of New Venture Church, a large, dynamic church in Southern California.


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  • Communication
  • Compromise
  • Commitment
  • Christ-Centered


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M. Jordan, B. Gates, O. Winfrey, have this in common,  they - like most people - have coaches that they avail.

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Drew Brees

Janice and Tom Thompson

John Carney

Kenton Beshore

Tony Dungy

"Pastor Shawn is simply the best! We've been close friends since my earliest days in the NFL. I thank him for his guidance, mentorship, and investment in me. I love the man."

Drew Brees

Star NFL quarterback of the New Orleans Saints (Ret.); Super Bowl Champion; NBC Sports Analyst

"Shawn Mitchell... Motivates! He brings out the best in everyone. He's a results-producing, high achievement coach and consultant - who gets you from where you are, to where you want to be."

Janice and Tom Thompson

Co-Founder and CEO of One Degree Advisors, Inc.

"I've never met a man who's had more of an impact on a great number of people in and out of the league than Shawn Mitchell. By knowing Shawn you're both fortunate and blessed!"

John Carney

Record setting NFL Placekicker (23 years); Super Bowl Champion

"Shawn is an inspiration, encourager, and great speaker. He helps you discover your purpose in life and that you're made for more."

Kenton Beshore

Pastor Emeritus, Mariners Church

"... many teams have sought Shawn's counsel for their marriages, family situations, and other occasions where they needed spiritual guidance. He truly has a pastor's heart..."

Tony Dungy

Sports Analyst, 13 year NFL head coach; Super Bowl Champion